Founded way back in 2006, we are delivering all types of quality embroidery machinery spare parts all over India. We are Importers of BZBS brand embroidery machinery parts and doing wholesale business all over India with vast distribution network of Dealers.

Our main aim is delivering quality parts which can help machinery owner to reach at maximum production from their Embroidery machineries. We are authorized dealer of many international brands which holds top position in their respective industries.

1) BZBS brand (China) : Vide range of Embroidery Machinery spare parts

2) BOOS bearing (China) : Vide range of high quality Embroidery Machinery Bearings

3) Champion (China) : Full Range of all type of Champion Device spare parts

4) Megadyne (Italy)  : Embroidery Machinery high quality belt

5) Groz-beckert (Germany) : High Quality needles for Embroidery Machineries

5) Koban (Japan) : High Quality Hooks & Cases of embroidery machineries

6) Siliconi (Italy) : Embroidery Machineries sprays for machinery maintenance and for high production